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Rock in Rio



 Rock in Rio is the biggest festival of music and entertainment of the world. Always ensuring the quality of attractions, the comfort of the public and an impeccable infrastructure, is an event made for all the tribes that drives the music industry, the tourism and the economy.

The idea comes from the Brazilian businessman Roberto Medina, which in January 1985 took place its first edition in transition from dictatorship to democracy: the Rock in Rio invited Brazil to celebrate the freedom.

In its nine editions, being three in Brazil (1985, 1991 and 2001), four in Portugal (2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010) and two in Spain (2008 and 2010), Rock in Rio gathered more than 5 million people, who applauded 656 bands live. There were more than 780 hours of broadcast music for more than 1 billion viewers in 80 countries.
With the theme For a Better World, Rock in Rio has always sought the pioneering on its business model, aiming at a sustainable and socially responsible action. This attitude extends from the offsetting of carbon emissions to choosing social and environmental committed partners. The festival also seeks to further direct support to several sustainability projects - over the past 10 years, were 4,803,357.00 Euros destined to education activities and environmental awareness.

But more important than this direct action is the message that the festival seeks to spread: the idea of uniting everyone through music - we're together and our small actions on a daily basis have a major impact on the future of the planet.

Rio´s 2011 Festival

The festival will occupy an area of 150,000 m2, in Barra da Tijuca, with a natural pond in the landscape and numerous attractions. Within the new Rock City, a complete infrastructure will offer comfort, safety and lots of fun.

Visiting the Rock City on this virtual tour, you'll see the main sights of the festival:

. World Stage
The thrill of the big concerts with world-acclaimed bands.

.  Electronic Tent

The sound of national and international DJs that are among the best in the world in the festival's busiest tent.

. Sunset Stage

A stage where Brazilian artists invite other national and international artists and together create Jam sessions, seeking during sunset exclusive and unforgettable encounters.

.  Fashion Space

Runway shows full of style in a space that combines music and fashion.

. Rock Street

A scenic road, inspired by New Orleans (USA), where street jazz bands perform amidst the bars and restaurants.

. Zip-Line

The thrill of flying over the audience, right in front of the World Stage.

. Ferris Wheel

With 28 meters tall, the giant ferris wheel of the Rock City offers a panoramic view of the entire region.

. Free Fall

Rises and falls with lots of adrenaline, a toy made to awake the strong one.

2011 Rio Edition: September 23 to 25 & September 30 to October 2
Next Edition in Rio: 2013

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