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Rio de Janeiro

The “cariocas – as are known the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro – have the pleasure to live in one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mountains and enjoy the beaches, samba, beeer, soccer and the cachaça (local rum made out of sugar cane)

The city, divided in zones - South, North, West and East – with a chain of mountains in the background where you can see the Tijuca Forest and its highest peak, the Corcovado with the Christ Statue. Across the Corcovado, viewed from the top, a gift of God to the industry of post cards, is the Sugar Loaf with 2 cable cars that will allow you to go up and have a view both of Guanabara Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Basic Programs:
Basic program that allows combination with other destinations in Brasil: Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Foz de Iguassu, Salvador, Manaus

Rio de Janeiro – 6 days/5 nights

Day 1
. Arrival in Rio and transfer to the elected hotel.
. Welcome drink during check in
. Welcome lunch at the hotel
. In the afternoon, half day visit to the beaches and Sugar Loaf
. Dinner at typical local restaurant
.Overnight at hotel

Day 2
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Departure to visit Corcovad, Tijuca Forest, Barra da Tijuca neighborhood followed by lunch at typical Brazilian barbecue restaurant. After lunch return to the hotel.
.Buffet dinner at the Hotel

Day 3
Breakast, buffet style, private
.Departure for a full day at the Tropical Islands (schooner sailing) with stops for swimming on the way before arriving at the Island where you will spend the day and have lunch , 1 ½ hour and south of Rio de Janeiro. Return back to Rio at the end of the day.
. Dine-around : restaurant selected by the client with round trip transfer

Day 4
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Departure to visit Petropolis, the Imperial City, including visit to the Imperial Museum. Lunch included. Return at the end of the day.
. Thematic dinner in a house from the XVII century.

Day 5
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Olympic games in the beach: volleyball, soccer, basketball. Lunch included.
. Farewell “Carnival” Dinner – special menu, theme decoration, band with live music

Day 6
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Shuttle for shopping at one of the shopping centers in the city
. Lunch with voucher system at the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Rio de Janeiro – 4 days/ 3 nights

Day 1
. Arrival in Rio and transfer to the elected hotel.
. Welcome drink during check in
. Dinner at the Hotel, private

Day 2
. Breakfast buffet style, private
. Departure for a full day tour visiting the city, Sugar Loaf and Corcovado with lunch at a typical Brazilian barbecue restaurant.
. Dinner at local restaurant, international cuisine

Day 3
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Departure for a full day at the Tropical Islands (schooner sailing) with stops for swimming on the way before arriving at the Island where you will spend the day and have lunch , 1 ½ hour and south of Rio de Janeiro. Return back to Rio at the end of the day.
. Thematic dinner – Carnival

Day 4
. Breakast, buffet style, private
. Transfer to the airport

Rio de Janeiro Wow Factors

Cidade do Samba
It is an art and entertaining area (Samba City) that allows visitors to feel the emotions of Carnival any time of the year and living the magic that changes Rio de Janeiro into the world’s capital of joy.

Bycicle Challenge
The challenge consists of riding bycicle throughout a specific itinerary and with tasks to be complete on the way. Both itinerary and tasks require the use of imagination to interpret them.

Samba Classes
Group of Samba dancers and musicians available to give Samba Classes in a private area at the hotel.

Vintage Night
Relive Rio’s golden years, by going to dinner in vintage cars and having dinner at Julieta de Serpa a neoclassic style house that belonged to a traditional family in Rio.

Treasure Hunt and Pirates Attack
It can be provided during the boat trip to the Tropical Islands. Arcs with treasures will be hidden so participants of the Group may find them at determined areas. Maps and hints will be distributed to the Group. During the trip, the boat may be attacked by pirates, creating an ambience for a big party. If the Group is big enough to use to private boats, the participants of the group can be part of the pirate attack.

Jeep Tour in Tijuca Forest
To the excursion to Corcovado, it is possible to add tour through Tijuca Forest in 4 x 4 Jeeps. Or the Corcovado tour can start directly from the hotels with the Jeep Tour and enjoying Rio’s nature and scenery.

Make the best of your visit to the Sugar Loaf by flying over Rio de Janeiro.

In combination with a Theme party on the beach, a mini Olympiad can be organized before the party with games and aquatic competitions.

Public Transportation
The experience of using a public transportation hired specifically for the group to do one of the daily activities planned for them.

Team Building
To learn by experiencing is a method of learning based on observation, thinking, viewing and feeling things, developing team attitudes and values.

Caipirinha Kit
  "Caipirinha" is a traditional Brazilian drink which is popular all over the country, especially at the beaches, where it is the favorite drink to go with some delightful appetizers and creates a sensual and relaxed atmosphere. The Kit comes in a wooden box, with a glass and the wooden pestle necessary to crush the lime in the glass.

Beach Kit
This kit can be composed of:
. Towel with the company’s logo or thematic logo of the city being visited

. Canga – Beach sarong

. TShirt with company’s logo and picture of the beach

. Sun protector

Brazilian Coffee
Wrapped in a rustic material made of vegetable fibers

Book Rio de Janeiro 360º
Hard cover book with 360º photos from Rio de Janeiro.

Welcome Activities/ Shows
. Groups can be welcomed with dancers dressed typically for Samba, either at the airport or hotel

. Flowers can be given to the ladies upon arrival at the airport

. Bahianas (in Salvador) dressed typically handing good luck straps.


Colorful and rhythmic spectacle where they teach the most beautiful folk songs and dances in relation to the Brazilian cowboys: the “gauchos”.

Extravagance Carnival
Carnival spectacle with presentation of each instrument that dictates the rhythm of Samba , as well as dancers, all gathering together slowing forming the band responsible for the Carnival music and dance. Use of deluxe costumes , winners of competitions in previous year during Carnival.

Bahian Folklore
Bahia is rich for the diversity of the arts they present. Its capital, Salvador, was the entrance port of many Africans slaves. As a result its folklore is rich with mixture of Brazilian and African music, dances, religion (Candomblé) and musical instruments, the Capoeira, fight dance for the Orixás (divinity entities).

Jewlery Show
Brasil is known for its precious gems and handmade jewelry. Emeralds, aqua marine, tourmalines, topazes and amethyst are responsible for turning Minas Gerais famous. The biggest jewelry stores are in Rio. A visit can be organized with live presentation during dea, cocktail or dinner at the hotel.


Theme Parties

Bahian Night
Outdoor party (can also be done on a closed ambience) that shows a bit of Colonial Brasil. It starts with a cocktail in the swimming pool. The area is decorated with offers to the religious saints for Candomblé or Macumba (both are religious rites) and flowers floating in the pool. Bar service decorated with Afro-Brazilian themes. Waiters are dressed in authentic folk costumes. Dinner is around the pool. Menu is elected within typical Bahia food or a variety of international cuisine dishes. To entertain the guests, Samba band during cocktail and Bahia Folklore Show after dinner.

Pirate Night
Cocktail on the Hotel’s beach and barbecue buffet. An event with lots of ambience and colorful. Event starts with a cocktail on the beach, decorated with torches. Guests are dressed as pirates – havainas slippers, jeans and decorated TShirts are part of the welcome gift offered. Caipirinhas and other Brazilian drinks are offered by the waiters. Treasure hunt to entertain the guests.

Around Brazil
The party can be done either in the swimming pool area or inside in a private saloon. Food stations will represent 4 different regions of Brasil; Amazon – exotic and tropical, Bahia – mystic and religious, South – with the gaucho and Rio with the Ipanema Girl, Carnival and Samba. Waiters are dressed representing each of the regions. Each station has dishes of typical dishes for each region. As optional it can be included handcrafts of each Region as well.

. Make up for the ladies with the party theme

. Theme costumes for the guests

. Samba and Brazilian rhythms classes

. Group or individual pictures

. Fireworks with company’s logo

. Artisans presenting their work

Details to make the difference
. Greeting signs on the buses

. Hospitality desk decorated with the theme

. Personalized menues with company’s logo 

. Visual communication referring to the group

. Bottle of Cachaça with the logo for the Group

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