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 Located in the middle of the Amazon Forest, it is a metropolis that impresses for its natural beauties, the ecological parks with green sceneries that seem to never end. It was founded in the second half of XVII century and it is named honoring the Indians that used to live there – the “manaos”.

Manaus – 4 days/ 3 nights

Basic program that allows combination with other destinations in Brasil: Foz de Iguassu, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo

Day 1
. Arrival and transfer to the elected hotel.
. Buffet style lunch at the hotel.
. In the afternoon visit to the city of Manaus.
. Dinner at local restaurant

Day 2
. After breakfast, departure for a regional tour “Meeting of the Waters”. Lunch at regional restaurant based on river fish. After lunch enjoy fishing the “piranhas”. Return to the hotel by the end of the day.
. Dinner at typical barbecue restaurant. On the way back to the hotel, visit to the Punta Negra beach and its night ambience.

Day 3
. After breakfast, departure in a regional boat to visit an Indian community. Walking through the forest. Lunch at typical regional restaurant and continue to visit a Caboclo (local inhabitants) community and enjoy some local activities. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.
. Dinner at the hotel with typical regional folklore show.

Day 4
. Free morning.
. Buffet style lunch at hotel and transfer to the airport.

Manaus Wow Factors

Survival in the Jungle
How to obtain water, fire and food, orientation, construction of a shelter are some of the activities included in the classes on how to survive in the jungle, given by small groups of local experienced guides that will provide an amazing experience in the jungle.

Swimming with the Dolphins
The pink “dolphins” are river mammals in the Amazon Region that fascinate people by the way they easily interact with human beings. The floating in River Ariau allows you to swim and film the great moments with these intelligent animals.

Visit to local Indian community
In the Amazon Region you will find biggest concentration of Indian communities. The tradition in these communities is based on social, political and religious rules that value the land and use nature only for their immediate needs.

Flight Over the Amazon
There are panoramic flights which allow you to live intensely the emotion of being in the Amazon.

Barbecue on the beaches of Negro River
During the months of June throughout to November, the rainy season is over, the beaches with white sands at Negro River do arise giving you the opportunity to have barbecues on the beach and the possibility of even including an Indian attack with the participation of the group.


Caipirinha Kit
  "Caipirinha" is a traditional Brazilian drink which is popular all over the country, especially at the beaches, where it is the favorite drink to go with some delightful appetizers and creates a sensual and relaxed atmosphere. The Kit comes in a wooden box, with a glass and the wooden pestle necessary to crush the lime in the glass.

Brazilian Coffee
Wrapped in a rustic material made of vegetable fibers

Welcome Activities/ Shows
Groups can be welcomed with dancers dressed typically for Samba, either at the airport or hotel
Flowers can be given to the ladies upon arrival at the airport


Extravagance Carnival
Carnival spectacle with presentation of each instrument that dictates the rhythm of Samba , as well as dancers, all gathering together slowing forming the band responsible for the Carnival music and dance. Use of deluxe costumes , winners of competitions in previous year during Carnival.

Jewlery Show
Brasil is known for its precious gems and handmade jewelry. Emeralds, aqua marine, tourmalines, topazes and amethyst are responsible for turning Minas Gerais famous. The biggest jewelry stores are in Rio. A visit can be organized with live presentation during dea, cocktail or dinner at the hotel.

Amazonian Folklore – Boi de Parintins
The ritual of Bumbás shows the legend of Father Francis and Mother Catirina who can, with the help of the Shaman, to revive the bull's boss. Legend has it that Mother Catirina pregnant, want to eat the tongue of the most beautiful ox farm. To satisfy the desire of women, Father Francis has killed the boss's pet ox.
Father Francis is discovered, tries to escape but was arrested. To save the cow, a priest and a doctor is called (the shaman in indigenous tradition) and raises cattle. Mother and Father Francisco Catirina are forgiven and there is a great celebration.This is the celebration that will be shonw.

Theme Parties

Around Brazil
The party can be done either in the swimming pool area or inside in a private saloon. Food stations will represent 4 different regions of Brasil; Amazon – exotic and tropical, Bahia – mystic and religious, South – with the gaucho and Rio with the Ipanema Girl, Carnival and Samba. Waiters are dressed representing each of the regions. Each station has dishes of typical dishes for each region. As optional it can be included handcrafts of each Region as well.

. Make up for the ladies with the party theme

. Theme costumes for the guests

. Samba and Brazilian rhythms classes

. Group or individual pictures

. Fireworks with company’s logo

. Artisans presenting their work

Details to make the difference
. Greeting signs on the buses

. Hospitality desk decorated with the theme

. Personalized menues with company’s logo 

. Visual communication referring to the group

. Bottle of Cachaça with the logo for the Group

Tel.: +55 21 3539-5400
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Emergency: +55 21 8134-3463
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