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Sao Paulo is the largest city in the country with an area of 1525 square kilometers and more than 10 million people. For those who want to experience the feeling of visiting a world in one place, the city of Sao Paulo is the destination. You can find immigrants in Brazil, of all places, and religions.
It is noted that we have a rich culture forged in a short space of time and unstoppable growth, attracting more than 7 millions tourists annually, with a large percentage of business.

The city of Sao Paulo satisfy the most demanding palates, including all styles, come together in this city all the best cuisines of Brazil and South America.
This city, as well as culture, gastronomy and business, beset large events such as marathons São Silvestre, Carnival, Gay Pride Parade and Grand Prix Formula 1.

The Interlagos Circuit is located in the suburb of Interlagos in Sao Paulo. Opened on May 12, 1940, after just over 1 year of construction, it has a total of 923,000 meters squared of adrenaline. The name comes from the fact that the circuit was built in a region between 2 artificial lakes, Guarapiranga and Billings, which were built in the early twentieth century to supply water and electricity to the city of Sao Paulo. Later they built the current racetrack that was done to pay homage to Jose Carlos Pace.
It is one of the few circuits in the world outside the U.S. that has counter-clockwise. This circuit is known internationally for holding the only race in Latin America in the Formula 1 Grand Championship.

The Circuit Sectors

Grandstand A

Uncovered, with sweeping views out to the grid, the line and entrance to the pits. From here you also have views of the screen where you can watch the whole race. This area has restaurants and bathrooms

Grandstand B

Grandstand deck, located opposite the exit, with a view of the boxes, allowing you to see the actions of the pit stop of the drivers and teams. This section has a TV to give more information regarding the test times and turns. You can also enjoy a restaurant, receptionist and security as well be and all the glamour of F1.

Grandstand V

Covered grandstand, tubular structure located at the end of the opposite line, exciting duels for local positions. The area has a TV installed to facilitate information and testing times. Restaurant, reception and security.

Grandstand G

Uncovered grandstand in tubular structure, located on the right opposite, local higher-speed circuit and exciting duels for position. Has food service and restrooms.

Grandstand F

Covered grandstand, tubular structure with a view to the S of Senna, positioned next to the area of high acceleration of the circuit in the backstretch and broad view of the exit of the pits. Provides food service on behalf of clients and bathrooms.Ouvir
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Grandstand E

Covered grandstand, tubular structure, located at the end of the S of Senna, with a broad vision of the Right Opposite. It has TV monitors weather reports and relevant information. There service restaurants.

Grandstand D

Covered grandstand, tubular structure, located in the Senna S, with a great view to the opposite line, as well as the front view to the exit. Sector has feeding area (consumption payment for spectators) and bathrooms.

Zone M

Covered grandstand, located in front of the pits, with double vision allowing pit stops accompany the team and coaches at the beginning of the curve S of Senna. Available feeding area (consumer payment for spectators).



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