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Adventure World was born with the objective of meeting the needs of their customers and passengers with elegance, comfort and safety on your journey.
Let the professionals from Adventure World arrange all the services they need in Argentina & Brazil for those VIP passengers.
You can find a short list of VIP services that our department can arrange to enjoy our destinations with the highest standard possible.

-Charter plane / jet / helicopter;
-Rent Mansions / Penthouses;
-Bulletproof Car;
-Security / Body Guard / Escort;
-VIP Restaurant Booking;
-24 / 7 Service available;
-Show in private;
-Organization for Special Events;
-Exclusive properties;
-Flats or Private Villas;
-Private Island;

Always with the latest technology in destination, we ready to offer our customers a tailor-made stay in order to take advantage of every second and enjoy every sencond on their stay.
We only have to ask what they need or what they are looking for us to do your itinerary tailored to the needs they encounter.


Tel.: +55 21 3539-5400
Fax: +55 21 2547-8117 / 2548-0644
Emergency: +55 21 8134-3463
Rua Barão de Ipanema, 56 - suite 601
Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
ZIP 22050-030