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São Paulo

Capital of the homonym state, São Paulo is the most populous city in the southern hemisphere, and main financial centre in Latin America. But, it wasn’t always like that. Founded in 1554, it wasn’t until the arrival of the twentieth century that people from all over the world sought the city as a chance for work on the railroads or to take part on the profits from coffee plantations boom. The result was a dense and mingled mass of paulistanos (the city’s inhabitants) - a 17 million mass.

Needless to say, São Paulo hosts an extremely diverse set of monuments and museums.
Projected by Oscar Niemeyer, Memorial da América Latina is a monument to political, economical, and cultural integration. It was inaugurated in 1989.

Estação da Luz is also a monumental place worth visiting. It’s a charming train station, in eclectic architecture, from the coffee cycle, constructed on Jardim da Luz. Its clock tower was a reference for paulistanos due to its height and visibility. Also on Jardim da Luz is Pinacoteca, an art museum which is part of the same architectural set as the station.

Another representative from eclectic architecture is Theatro Municipal, one of São Paulo’s postcards. Clearly inspired by the Ópera de Paris (but with a stairway), it gained great importance in 1922, being the stage for Semana de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Week).

But Adventure World thinks that MASP, or Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, is probably the first of the museums one should visit on the first time in São Paulo. Not only for being a significant example of brutalist architecture, but because of the most comprehensive collection of occidental art in the southern hemisphere.

And, since every urban center still needs its green places, the city has preserved some sanctuaries. Mostly composed of areas of Mata Atlântica (rainforest), there are some great parks, as Ibirapuera, Anhanguera, and Parque do Carmo; and an institute of botanical reseach, Jardim Botânico de São Paulo.

If nightlife is a prerequisite as well, São Paulo can offer a few of the most fascinating clubs and bars around the globe. One of them is Lions, a glamorous and a bit hidden nightclub. But the most mysterious of them is a club known as Bar Secreto (Secret Bar), which has no official name or phone number. There is also the luxurious Museum, famous for the great musical selection and turnout of celebrities, and the 3p4 (três por quatro) or three by four, a restaurant/nightclub).

The gastronomical aspect of the city is as varied as its population allows. Different cuisines form a quite cosmopolitan range of options. The city even got the title of World Capital of Gastronomy, by The International Congress on Food Hospitality and Tourism.

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