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Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau RIO CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU - RC&VB - is a private non-profit Foundation located in Rio de Janeiro. It was founded by the initiative of public institutions (Embratur, TurisRio, Riotur, Riocentro) and private companies (Chamber of Commerce, Banks, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Airlines, Ground Transportation, Congress Organizers, Communication Media, etc.). These companies linked to the travel and tourism sector are the supporting members of the RC&VB.
 BITO The purpose of BITO is to promote an exchange of experiences and ideas; to promote a better understanding of the incoming travel business needs and requirements among suppliers and business partners; to establish the highest possible standards of business ethics and service quality among its members; and to officially represent the Brazilian incoming travel industry in all forums.
 Brazilian Travel Agencies Association  The Brazilian Travel Agencies Association – ABAV – is the entity with the biggest representatives and one of the oldest still in activity in the Tourism segment. Its credibility and strength in the different segments of the tourism industry have been conquered through more than 50 years of activity. 
 EMBRATUR  EMBRATUR – Brazilian Tourism Institute, established on November 18, 1966 as a Brazilian Tourism Enterprise, had the objective of fostering tourism activity by making feasible the conditions for the generation of jobs, income and development throughout the country.
 Brazio Tour Association  The Brazil Tour Operators Association (BTOA) is a non-profit organization registered in New York in March 2005, dedicated to promoting Tourism to Brazil from the United States.



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